The Sex-Positive Podcasts That Have Helped Me

Discovering podcasts that dealt with sexuality was instrumental to helping me to open my mind to the reality of sex and sexuality. It was through the stories and advice that I learned to accept myself for who I was and what I wanted, and eventually open up to my wife.

Following is a ist of the podcasts I found to be helpful and continue to listen to and enjoy. As I have found myself discussing and recommending many of these podcasts to others, I chose  to document that list here so they can be more easily be found  by others on a similar journey. As far as how I find the time to listen to so many podcasts; I travel a lot for work and listen on my iPhone when in the car, on planes and while out running errands.

The podcasts are listed in the approximate order to which I first encountered them.

Savage Love  iTunesWebsite

My podcasts journey began with Dan Savage’s Savage Love. It was here that I first realized how common it was for otherwise straight men to have fantasies of being with a man sexually. While Dan Savage tends to explain away bisexuality as a young person on their way to gay, or a mostly straight man who should ‘round up to straight’, the callers and his responses helped me to accept myself and learn to  ask for what I want.

Sex is Fun iTunes, Website

When I ran through all of the episodes of Savage Love, I found Sex is Fun.  This podcast was a good introduction to re-orientating how I viewed sex into a sex-positive light. The show dealt with many aspects of sexuality, before becoming focused on following its host Kidder Kaper’s journey into non-monogamy. About a year ago Kidder left the show, which continues with its co-hosts. While I still listen, I miss the older episodes and format. Along the way, Sex is Fun introduced me to several new podcasts, including:

In Bed With Susie Bright Audible, Website

While I was somewhat familiar with Susie Bright before listening to her podcast, I had no idea how her brilliant she was and the unique insight she brings to conversation on sexuality and sexual politics. Her show is available through a subscription on Audible.  From the news, to features, and interviews, to ‘tell me you sex story’ the show is always entertaining and informative.

Life on the Swingset iTunes, Website

Life on the Swingset was started by Cooper Becket who discovered swinging through the Sex is Fun podcast, began to explore the swinging lifestyle with his wife and decided to start a podcast and blog to help others open up. The podcast has since moved to a wider variety of ethical non-monogamy covering polyamory as well as swinging; and has spoke of ‘progressive swinging’ which combines elements of both (and is closest to what my wife and I are looking for ourselves).

The Boris and Doris Podcast iTunes, Website

Like my path, this couple started with Sex is Fun, which opened their eyes to non-monogamy, found Life on the Swingset and set out to explore swinging for themselves. Unlike me, they decided to start a podcast once they made the decision, before having their first experience with another couple.  The podcast tracks their journey from idea, to first visit to a swing club and beyond. They are less active as podcasters now as they have fulfilled their original intent of documenting their beginnings.

Polyamory Weekly iTunes, Website

Podcaster Cunning Minx has been recording Polyamory Weekly on a weekly basis since 2005 with more than 330 episodes.  While the podcast is focused on Polyamory, I find that the advice on relationships and communication are relevant to any relationship whether monogamous or any form of non-monogamy.  She has covered so many topics including an episode on introverts, and her talk on ‘How not to be a Douche on Fetlife’.

Sex Nerd Sandra iTunes, Website

Sandra approaches conversations and interviews with an enthusiasm for every aspect of human sexuality. Each show takes on a theme, covered with experts, personal experiences and contributions from her co-host, comedian Dave Ross. The show is truly informative while entertaining, introducing topics of sexuality in a very accessible way.

Sex Out Loud iTunes, Website

Tristan Taormino’s podcast launched in June 2012. Tristan draws from her experience as an author, sex educator and filmmaker to interview a variety of leading voices in the fields of sexuality, BDSM, non-monogamy, and adult film.

Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Christopher Ryan iTunes, Website

The author of Sex at Dawn recently launched a podcast. I have listened to the first episode and look forward to future episodes.

Other podcasts I enjoy and help to open the mind, though not necessarily dealing with sex, include:

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